Collection Guides

In the Spring of 2016, La MaMa Archives launched a catalog designed to offer improved public access to the materials in its collections. This catalog is ever-evolving; at the moment it mostly indexes materials created between 1961 and 1992.

To supplement this catalog we have posted, below, a selection of inventories, lists, and collection guides. These guides offer alternate access points for users interested in our collections. We will continue to add to this page as more resources become available.

  • Production List, 1962-2010. A browse-able list of nearly all the productions staged at La MaMa between 1962 and 2010, organized chronologically. The list indicates the date of the production; the playwright, composer, or choreographer who created it; and, often, additional information.
  • Inventory of the Half Inch Open Reel Video Collection. A basic list of all the reels in La MaMa’s half inch open reel video collection, featuring information about which production, rehearsal, or tour is documented by each object.  These videos were all created with a PortaPak video camera and are among the most at-risk materials in our repository.




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